Our Offices and the Receiving Department for Specimens will be Closed on

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Friday, November 29, 2019 and

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Sunday, December 1, 2019

If you are shipping samples, please have them arrive before or after the dates that the lab is closed. We wish everyone a Joyous Holiday Season!!

We provide a FRAT® Kit for your collection convenience

For Physicians Requesting a FRAT® Test Kit For Patients Requesting a FRAT® Test Kit
If you are a physician and would like to order a FRAT® Kit please click the link below.
Click Here to ORDER A FRAT® Kit.
If you are a patient and would like to order a FRAT® Kit please click the link below.
Click Here to ORDER A FRAT® Kit.

Information on Sending in Samples

  • Please note that results for FRAT® may ONLY be sent to physicians.Please consult your physician.
  • If you are a patient, please consult your physician prior to submitting a sample for testing.

Sending in Samples

If you do not require a FRAT® kit and would like to submit a sample, listed below are our Blood Sample Collection and Shipping Instructions:

Blood Sample Collection and Shipping:

  • Acceptable samples are whole blood and serum.
  • Draw 2–4 ml of blood into a red-top tube or SST tube (serum). Please note that the FRAT® kit contains SST tubes.
  • If feasible: Remove red cells by centrifugation, transfer serum/plasma to clean tube and refrigerate (4°C) or freeze (-20°C) until time of shipping.
  • If whole blood must be sent, collect into red top tube and ship the same day. Do NOT freeze whole blood.
  • Ship stored serum/plasma with freezer packs. Ship whole blood at ambient temperature. If overnight shipment of serum/plasma is not possible or a lengthy transit time is anticipated, shipment with dry ice is recommended. Do NOT ship whole blood with dry ice.
  • Ship all tubes as PRIORITY OVERNIGHT using FedEx or UPS for delivery weekdays. No weekend or holiday deliveries will be accepted.
  • Minimum volume of serum or plasma acceptable is 1 ml (2 ml for whole blood).
  • Please make sure that each sample is properly and securely labeled, including name (or ID) and date.
  • Complete and include our FRAT® Laboratory Test Form with your shipment
  • Please ship to:
    5110 Campus Drive, Suite 120
    Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 USA

If your sample is ready to be shipped, please remember to include the FRAT® Laboratory Test Form with your shipment.